For the better part of 50 years, I have been a master carpenter, building homes and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. In all that time, whether custom-designing a staircase or remodeling a kitchen, I have learned to never settle for half-measures. I hold to those high standards in any work that I do. 

Finally I am giving my aching body a break from this taxing work. I began investigating the soothing properties of topical CBD preparations. Unfortunately, the commercial CBD balms I’ve tried are expensive, oily, and light on the CBD. So I rolled up my sleeves and researched making my own. After much research and many attempts, I have come up with a mostly organic, soothing and moisturizing formula.

I shared my balm with family and friends and was inundated with requests for more. I had comments like “Do you sell it in five-gallon drums?” and “Can I get it by the bathtub full?”

I want to share Ron’s Balms with you. I produce the balm personally in small batches in the town of Snohomish in the great Evergreen State of Washington. I use ingredients certified for purity and quality by accredited testing labs. It is a product I love making and that people love.

What could be better than that?